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What's so good about Tailwind?

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What's so good about Tailwind?

Tailwind simplifies CSS and takes the pain out of layout to the point where you don't need someone who lives and breathes CSS to stop it breaking.

It took me ages to get into it though, perhaps because I hate CSS so much:

  • It's attrociously designed. Even doing simple obvious stuff like, oh I dunno a WEBPAGE with 3 COLUMNS like 80% of the internet wants traditionally required sage-like knowledge of mystically structured div and floats
  • A huge cludgy tech debt is still carried from the early internet. It's initial attempts to replace pure HTML <table> layouts was so poorly executed and so inconsistently supported across browsers that we are still living with that pain
  • The ideological thinking that you could separate content and layout was a joke as there is in reality no way to separate HTML and CSS, so HTML cannot be used purely semantically, with a separate CSS file...
  • ... leading to a cascading pile of tangled up bull that required developers to constantly cross-reference multiple classes in multiple files to piece together a mental map of what on earth is happening to fix that specific <div> appearing too far to the left

Enter Tailwind

I won't go into how to use it ( tailwind do an excellent job of that themselves ) but suffice to say that sticking to a handful of good classes that just work is a simplification that I am now 100% behind.

Enjoyed this?

In a bid to actually separate content and layout Pullnote is a headless CMS that allows users to only write markdown (like Reddit) leaving the styling to whatever front-end you're running, with basic Tailwind support for the essential content tweaks.

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