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clog() / slog() - console log functions with infinite depth

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Frustated by console.log() not showing your whole object? I mean, we're trying to debug here right?!

These fancy console log upgrades are just the ticket:

// Client-side console log with infinite object depth
export const clog = (...args) => {
  args.forEach(arg => {
    console.log(JSON.stringify(arg, null, 2));

Then it's simply:

clog("My whole object yay!", myObjectOrStringOrWhatever);

Or, if you're on the server and want even fancier colours et al:

import util from 'util';

export const slog = (...args) => {
  args.forEach(arg => {
    console.log(util.inspect(arg, {showHidden: false, depth: null, colors: true}));

Note: this only works server-side e.g. in Node.js or Svelte SSR scripts or you'll get a ReferenceError: process is not defined

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