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How to build an editable website in 15 minutes in 2024

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How to build an editable website in 15 minutes in 2024

It's 2024: building an editable website for free in 15 minutes using Svelte, Tailwind, Pullnote and Vercel

Making the contents of a website editable for non-dev types used to be a mildly hard undertaking. It was a case of rolling your own admin system, with all the complications of awful WYSIWYG editors (TinyMCE I'm looking at you) and rolling your own auth, or installing Wordpress and a whole MySQL database on some VM somewhere. It was fine, but it took an AGE.

How to build an editable website in 2024

It's 2024, and we don't need that kind of pain. Welcome to a newer, better techstack:

  • Svelte has quickly become the most praised javascript framework, and for good reason. With it we can string bits of HTML together at gigantic speed without the convoluted syntax of the 2010s (React, Angular) and it server-side renders (SSR) out of the box, like Next.js. What does this mean? Your browser sees good 'ol nicely formatted HTML (rather than the cludge of slow javascript that React delivers) but unlike Wordpress/PHP that HTML has magical app-like reactivity.
  • Tailwind for simplifying decades of non-sensical CSS cruft
  • Pullnote a backend markdown editor for content writers with a simple REST API
  • Vercel to deploy instantly from github to your domain of choice

Set your timers, here we go!

  1. Register a domain - you're a webdev, use your normal fave and add an A record for Vercel's IP ~2-3 minutes

  2. Add an empty project to your github account ~1 min

  3. Use this SvelteKit repo as a starting point (run in Terminal): ~1-2 mins

  git clone YOUR_PROJECT
  cd your_project
  git remote set-url origin
  git branch -M main
  git push -u origin main
  npm install
  npm run dev
  1. Create a free account at Pullnote, jot down your api_key (and add some instant AI content if you like) ~1-2 min

  2. Replace the api_key in your /routes/+layout.server.js ~30 secs apikey example

  3. Open in a browser to make sure it's all cooking with your content ~1 min

  4. Setup a free Vercel account and point it at your github and domain ~3 minutes

  5. Make a nice cup of tea ~5 minutes

TOTAL: 15 minutes

*(plus, it's taken you 5 minutes to read this blog)

** And you got a cup of tea :)

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